PARRISE Promoting Attainment of Responsible Research and Innovation in Science Education

The PARRISE (Promoting Attainment of Responsible Research & Innovation in Science Education) project aims at introducing the concept of Responsible Research and Innovation in primary and secondary education. It does so by combining inquiry-based learning and citizenship education with socio-scientific issues in science education. This approach is called socio-scientific inquiry-based learning (SSIBL) which is implemented in teacher professional development (TPD) courses across Europe. Based on practical experiences of two rounds of TPD-implementations over the last two years, the approach has been laid down in a new educational framework, and learning tools and materials for in- and pre-service training courses have been developed.

The SSIBL-approach implemented in the classroom features three main elements: i) raising authentic questions about controversial issues arising from impacts of science and technology in society, ii) integrating social and scientific inquiry to explore these open-ended questions, and iii) formulating solutions which help to enact change. In this way the PARRISE educational methodology seeks to promote democratic citizenship through the integration of social issues and related scientific knowledge.

The project has established a multidisciplinary team and facilitates networking activities among teachers, teacher educators and educational researchers of 18 institutions in 11 countries, with the overall aim to empower science teachers and science teacher educators across Europe with conceptions and teaching activities that can assist them in engaging students in evidence-based discussions about SSIs. From August 2017, examples of TPD’s from across Europe, as well as classroom materials will be available on the PARRISE website: