Publishing Chemistry Education Research and Evidence-based Practices with CERP
Organiser: Ingo Eilks, University of Bremen, Germany

CERP – Chemistry Education Research and Practice was launched in the year 2000. It is currently one out of only two journals listed in the Web of Science exclusively dealing with chemistry education. CERP is published by the Royal Society of Chemistry in the UK and takes serious measures to ensure high-standing publication standards. CERP operates rigorous peer-review and is supported by both an editorial and advisory board with each consisting of eminent scholars in the field of chemistry education from all over the world and all continents.

The impact factor of CERP is currently 1.802 making CERP a highly ranked journal in all science education even if compared to more general journals focusing the whole range of all the science education domains. CERP publishes both research studies as well as reports on evidence and research-based curriculum and practice development in chemistry education, both for the secondary schooling and higher education sectors. Other features of CERP are review and perspective papers as well as annual theme issues on different topics relevant to the teaching and learning of chemistry. The symposium presents insights into the history and development of CERP. It gives an overview about current trends in the achievement and popularity of CERP. The performance of CERP will be illustrated by four quality presentations based on papers recently published in CERP. The papers also intend to cover the variety of topics and approaches papers in CERP represent.