Science & Education: Science Education Informed by History, Philosophy and Sociology of Science
Organiser: Kostas Kampourakis, University of Geneva

That history, philosophy and sociology of science (HPS) have a lot to contribute to science education has been clearly shown by Science & Education ever since 1992. Numerous scholars from science education, history of science, philosophy of science, sociology of science, cognitive science and more have contributed to Science & Education over the years and have enriched our understanding of the concepts and processes of science.

In several cases, most recently in the context of thematic issues, scholars from a variety of areas of expertise have come to contribute to interdisciplinary discussions with one aim: improve the teaching and learning of science. Currently, it seems that there is an increased interest for exploring the relationship between science education and HPS further. More and more science educators have started delving into the details of HPS scholarship, often in collaboration with HPS scholars.In addition, more and more HPS scholars have come to realize that they have a lot to contribute to science education.

The aim of this symposium is to present the kind of articles that fall within the scope of Science & Education and highlight the two important aspects that submissions to this journal should have: 1) a clear and well-grounded discussion of HPS scholarship and 2) explicit implications for science teaching and learning. The four papers that will be presented in this symposium focus on: a) nature of science and science content learning; b) science concepts (weight); c) argumentation and socio-scientific issues; d) models and modelling.