Promoting the Quality of Science and Mathematics Education Through Research: The Role of the International Journal of Science and Mathematics Education
Prof David F Treagust, Curtin University, Perth, Australia

The International Journal of Science and Mathematics Education (IJSME) is serving as a medium or platform for researchers to publish their empirical research findings. The journal is celebrating its 15th year of publication. IJSME has been ranked as Q1 (top 25%) journal in the category of education by Scimago Journal Ranking and indexed in Social Science Citation Index (SSCI) by the Web of Science. Starting from 2015, IJSME publishes 8 issues per year.

Contemporary educators highlight the importance of viewing knowledge as context-oriented and not limited to one domain. This concurs with current curriculum reforms worldwide for interdisciplinary and integrated curricula. Modern educational practice also focuses on the use of new technology in assisting instruction which may be easily implemented into such an integrated curriculum. The journal welcomes studies that explore science and mathematics education either quantitatively or qualitatively from different cultural perspectives.

This symposium consists of five papers chosen by the organizer and a discussant. The papers highlight the foci of the journal in connecting intellectually challenging science content with language-based activities in elementary grades (paper 1), the importance of developing communication skills (paper 2) and assessment of inquiry learning (paper 3) in early secondary grades, students’ ideas and beliefs about nature and how humans relate to nature (paper 4) and identifying the best text resources for learning photosynthesis (paper 5) at university. These papers illustrate a variety of quantitative and qualitative research methods and collaboration among the researchers published in IJSME.

Discussant: Mihye Won, Curtin University, Perth Australia