(SiSE Symposium) The Contribution of Extended Literature Reviews Within Science Education Research: Exemplars from the Journal Studies in Science Education
Chairperson and Organiser: Jim Ryder, University of Leeds 

Conducting a literature review is a key starting point for much of our research activity. Most research articles will include a literature review section, the aim being to characterise existing knowledge and to position the research contribution of the article in relation to it.This Invited Symposium presents four extended literature reviews published in the international research review journal Studies in Science Education over the past few years. These reviews address a range of issues relevant to science education: teachers’ use of science curriculum materials; analysis of a methodology for examining student learning in science (the microgenetic method); empirical research on scientific inquiry activities; science and language convergence for English language learners. Each presenter will outline the scope of their review, their conceptualisation of relevant literatures, and their suggestions on future developments for research in the area.

Collectively, the contributions will highlight the key contribution that in-depth, extended literature reviews can have within our community. Furthermore, science education research is often characterised as a multi-disciplinary field, with contributions from many distinct intellectual traditions (e.g. cognitive psychology, sociology, historical studies). Collectively, these presentations will demonstrate the value of extended literature reviews in drawing upon concepts and themes originating from contexts outside of science education. A further intention of the Invited Symposium is to encourage new authors of future extended literature reviews, and identify additional areas of science education research in need of a contemporary literature review.

• Teachers and science curriculum materials: where we are and where we need to go, Elizabeth A. Davis, Fred J. J. M. Janssen & Jan H. Van Driel

• The application of the microgenetic method to studies of learning in science education: characteristics of published studies, methodological issues and recommendations for future research, Richard Brock & Keith S. Taber

• Searching for a common ground – A literature review of empirical research on scientific inquiry activities, Silke Rönnebeck, Sascha Bernholt & Mathias Ropohl

• Negotiation, embeddedness, and non-threatening learning environments as themes of science and language convergence for English language learners, Yuliya Ardasheva, Lori Norton-Meier & Brian Hand

Discussant: Maria Pilar Jimenez Aleixandre, Universidade de Santiago de Compostela