Teen Science Café

The Teen Science Café (TSC) is a STEM career initiative that engages professionals from different careers /career paths and STEM fields in conversation with young students and at secondary level.

Indeed during the TSC sessions STEM professionals visit schools and offer young teenage students an excellent opportunity to become more informed about a range of STEM careers and potential career paths. The focus of these encounters is the development of an interactive informal exchange between students and STEM specialists – whereby students are engaged in conversation about popular STEM topics, current and future career prospects and career paths. In this way students are more aware and better informed about STEM career choices, the careers that are in demand, why STEM career choices are advantageous to students and society at large and which STEM careers can potentially fit their skills and competences .

The Teen Science Café sessions primarily serve as an outreach exercise to promote STEM careers, to create collaboration and partnership between schools and industry and to strengthen STEM career advice on a national level.